Collingwood Merch Co. is a boutique screen printing shop. We specialize in custom printed garments of every kind. We also offer design, warehousing, shipping, and e-commerce solutions.


Collingwood Merch Co. started with a select roster of clients, and we've kept it this way by design. We set out to offer services we could not find elsewhere; ensuring our clients' merchandise gets the close attention it deserves, keeping a close tab on every job, and, most importantly, not making promises we cannot keep.  


We have a strict quality control process to make sure we're proud of everything that goes out the door. We use a network of domestic and international suppliers to ensure clients receive the garments they want. All of our garments are pressed by hand and closely inspected before being shipped. 


Our specialty is being a one-stop-shop. In addition to printing we offer design, warehousing, shipping logistics, and e-commerce solutions. You can pick and choose what suits your needs.